Japanese TV Program Channel WakuWaku Japan is Ready to Air This Month

Japanese TV program channel brought directly from Japan, WakuWaku Japan, will be ready to air on this end of February 2014.

WakuWaku Japan

Japanese TV program channel brought directly from Japan, WakuWaku Japan, will be ready to air on this end of February 2014.

As we have known before, Japan makes program Cool Japan where they will bring Japanese TV program special channel into several countries, one of them is Indonesia. Named with WakuWaku Japan, this television channel will air on this 22 February 2014. In order to make everything on track, Japanese government has allocated fund amounted to 15.5 billion yen (or approximately 1.8 trillion rupiahs) for this channel’s financing. This great amount of fund will be used both for subtitle making cost and dubbing, also promotion cost, office, and program production cost.

Besides aired in Indonesia on February 2014, this Japanese cultured specialized channel will be aired in Thailand on January, continued in Cambodia on April 2014. Japanese government also considers this channel broadcasting in US, Europe and Africa.

WakuWaku Japan itself is an entertainment channel which broadcasts Japanese TV program. The whole TV program can be watched in local language. There are drama, movies, music, anime/tokusatsu, sport, culture, entertainment, documentary, and etc. Popular TV programs in Japan will be broadcasted as long as 24 hours, 365 days, which previously can only be watched by TV channels there in Japan. Apparently, all the programs broadcasted in WakuWaku Japan can be enjoyed in Indonesian language. It is still not clear whether the programs are dubbed or subtitled, or combination of both.

Unfortunately, this channel is not free a.k.a paid channel, only can be enjoyed by paid TV service users such as Indovision and Okevision in some broadcasting package, as stated in its official website. This new channel will also hold music concert to celebrate the channel launch in Indonesia on next 15 February, and will show various local artists and Japanese artists such as JKT48, Afgan, Flumpool, and Bunga Citra Lestari. Other details will be followed.

From its own official website, you can also see several programs ready to be broadcasted when this channel is aired later. You can read the information below also with the broadcasting schedule.

­- Ama-chan (Drama)

WakuWaku Japan

Starring: Nonen Rena, Koizumi Kyoko, Hashimoto Ai/Matsuda Ryuhei, Miyamoto Nobuko

Starts on 22 February, Monday-Saturday 07.00-07.15

AKB48 Ne-Mousu TV Musim 1 (Entertainment)

WakuWaku Japan

This program firstly broadcasted on July 2008 in Gekijo Family cable TV. It is a real variety show where in every episode, the AKB48 members need to accomplish “crazy” challenges.

Starts on Monday, 24 February, Monday-Thursday 22.00-23.00

Youkame no Semi (Reborn) (Movie)

WakuWaku Japan

Starring: Mao Inoue, Hiromi Nagasaku, Eiko Koike, Yuriko Moriguchi

Friday, 7 March 20.30-23.00

Ultraman Cosmos (Anime/Tokusatsu)

WakuWaku Japan

Starts on Monday 24 February: Monday-Friday 17.30-18.00

Ksatria Baja Hitam (Anime/Tokusatsu)

WakuWaku Japan

Starts on Monday, 24 February: Monday-Friday 06.30-7.00

Casshan, A New Man (Anime/Tokusatsu)

Starts on Saturday, 1 March; Saturday & Sunday 08.00-08.30

Flumpool Special Concert 2011 (Music)

Saturday, 22 February 20.30-23.00

Walk Leisurely in Hokkaido (Culture)

Starts on Thursday, 27 February; Thursday, 21.00-21.30

Food’s basics: 100 top recipes (culture) (Culture)

Starts on Wednesday, 12 March; Monday-Friday 07.30-08.00

Red and white samurai’s dream (Sports)

Starts on Saturday, 1 March, Saturday, 18.00-19.00

The young Indonesian soccer players follow the selection for making their dreams come true to become professional soccer players in Japan. This audition-themed documentary program presents the selection passed by those young players to be able joining well known team, Gamba Osaka.

How about you, are you interested to subscribe one of the paid TV service to watch WakuWaku Japan?

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