The Witcher 2 review round up

Bagaimana pendapat reviewer dan saya mengenai game yang diport dari PC untuk Xbox360, The Witcher 2 Enhanced Ediion ini? Find out inside!

My Opinion : The Witcher 2 is absolutely one of the best of it’s genre. It has a compelling story with well made characters to interact with each other in a great way. Combat is fun and addicting to learn, graphic is astonishing and gorgeous. There are also many sidequests and minigames for Geralt to finish. The Witcher 2 is absolutely must play for all the RPG gamers in the world. (9/10)

Official Xbox Magazine US : “Lover. Mage. Prisoner. Monster hunter. The fair-haired hero of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is as complex and engrossing as videogame characters get. Luckily, so is the RPG he stars in.” (8.5)

Official Xbox Magazine UK : “The Witcher 2 is a huge, complex and expertly written RPG that has the capacity to consume weeks, maybe even months of your life. While its roots are on the PC, it’s translated effortlessly to the Xbox 360 with no compromises and stacks up well against the prettiest games on the system. It’s more hardcore than Skyrim but by no means inaccessible and, crucially, rewards any extra time and effort you’re prepared to put into the crafting and combat.” (9/10)

Eurogamer : “Where endless talk of mythical factions, rivalries and loyalty can drag even the best fantasy fiction down, in The Witcher 2, the backstory is as compelling as the plot that darts through it. And the weave of systems and story ensures that here is a legend as beautiful in the reality as it is in the telling.” (9/10)

GameInformer: “Its weighty combat, difficult choices with real consequences, and fascinating storylines are some of the best gaming has ever seen. I can no longer lord it over the console masses with this one, though, because this long-in-development Xbox 360 port is just as amazing as the original.” (9.5)

ShopTo : “Quality fantasy RPG’s are hard to come by on current consoles, many have tried and with the exception of Bethedsa and to a lesser extent, 38 Studios, most have failed to live up to expectations. In the Witcher 2, at last we have a challenger for the crown, it may not have Skyrim’s open ended world, but what it does have is a story and action to match. CD Projekt has arrived on consoles in style, if this is just the beginning of that journey then I for one can’t wait for the future.” (Outstanding)


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