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Di era kebangkitan game fighting, jarang sekali kita melihat franchise baru. Reverge Labs dengan Skullgirls layak diapresiasi. SolarPowered dari komunitas NeoGAF membuatkan kompilasi berita menarik, dan saya meneruskannya untuk pembaca Enjoy!

In a world where powerful police states are constantly on the verge of bloody conflict, the influence of organized crime is omnipresent, science has run wild and Eldritch Abominations are on the prowl, one fiendish artifact stands above it all, the Skull Heart. This legendary artifact has the power to grant a young woman’s wishes. If she has an impure heart, which so far includes all who have ever tried to use it, even a selfless wish will be twisted in the vilest of ways. Seven years ago, the world was engulfed in the Grand War. Queen Nancy Renoir of the Canopy Kingdom found the Skull Heart and wished for peace, but found herself transformed into a fearful instrument of her twisted wish… a pale and lovely tempest, a beautiful nightmare – the Skullgirl! Three nations had to stop their war to team up to defeat the former queen – in the end her wish was granted, as an uneasy peace formed following her demise. Rumors have surfaced about the appearance of a new Skullgirl. In response, many have mobilized with varying intent: from the destruction of the Skull Heart to using the artifact to their own ends. Can this devastating cycle be put to rest or will history repeat itself? Welcome to the world of Skullgirls!

Skullgirls is the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of work from Mike Zaimont (project lead, proprietary engine designer, well known tournament player), Alex Ahad (creative director) and the talented developers at Reverge Labs. This six button, 2D fighter aims to garner a following among both veterans and newcomers alike with a plethora of great ideas. Standout features include but are not limited to holding down the start button in order to prevent accidental pauses and great button config options that allow you to customize your buttons whether you are in a match or the character select screen. Recognizable tools such as the huge “Marvel vs Capcom” super jumps are closer to the ground and pushblock is present. Chain combos, similar to those seen in Vampire Savior, assists, tag ins/outs, snapbacks, level 1/3 supers and alpha counters are also all central to the gameplay. There will be eight characters at launch but aside from sharing the same health ratings they are totally unique and all equipped with the tools to compete. A number of DLC characters are also going to be made from scratch as post release support. More info can be seen here and on the SRK Wiki. Free content and patches will also be added to the game: Spectator Mode, Internal move lists, Online Training Mode, 8 man lobbies and Youtube Uploads couldn’t make it for launch but may(move list for sure) be added to the game in the near future. You’d be doing yourself a favor by checking this gem out.
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