Futuretro Studios: Eks-Game Designer Lionhead Studios dan Ilustrator Indonesia, Wujudkan Hungry Oni di Jepang!

Wawancara eksklusif Duniaku dengan Futuretro Studios, developer Hungry Oni yang didirikan oleh eks-Game Designer Lionhead Studios, Andrzej Zamoyski dengan ilustrator asal Indonesia, Ferdi Trihadi. Simak hasil wawancaranya di artikel ini!

D: Why choose Futuretro as your studio’s name?

F: Both of us love the charm of Retro games, and we want our games to have that retro-ic charm, retro games stays forever in gamer’s hearts and ideally thats our aim as well.
We want to be the Retro of the Future. Hence, Futuretro

D: Before establish Futuretro with Ferdi, Andrzej is one of Lionhead Staff. What is your main role in Lionhead? Tell me a little bit about your experience in there!

A: I started at Lionhead as a games tester on Fable 1 and Black & White 2. I then moved into game design for a PC game called The Movies. After that Lionhead was acquired by Microsoft. The next project was an action game for XBox 360 which was sadly cancelled.

I worked as a level designer on Fable 2 and 3, then returned to game design for an ambitious Kinect game called Milo & Kate which was also ultimately cancelled (most gamers may not know it, but games get cancelled all the time, even if they have been in development for years!).

I became a senior game designer and worked on Fable: The Journey which was released last year, as well as a new, as yet unannounced title. I finally left Lionhead last March after nearly 8 years at the company!

D: Work in a big game studio like Lionhead absolutely give you a great experience. What experience do you bring from Lionhead and try to implement in Futuretro?

A: I guess no matter how complex a game you are aiming to create, it’s all for nothing if the player doesn’t understand how to play or get the most from the game. This is especially true for mobile games and even more so when they are free. You have to teach and hook the player within the first minute or the player has nothing to lose in just giving up and downloading something else. My goal is always to simplify, simplify, then simplify again!

D: After Hungry Oni, what’s your future project? Is it still for mobile?

A: Here’s my plan:
1) I would love to make another mobile game with Ferdi, this time benefitting from all we have learned during the process of making and releasing Hungry Oni. Even now I’m really excited about the idea, but have to stop myself getting carried away because I think there is still a lot more we can do with Hungry Oni!

2) Having worked for a big studio for a long time I would love to take the experience I’ve gained and do my own thing. Working in a small team, where everything you do you are doing for yourselves and for the love of the game is a huge motivator and definitely what I’d like to do in the future.

F: Yeah, its really easy to come up with ideas, but the harder part is to actually complete that idea. Currently there are still more things that we can do with Hungry Oni, and we would like continue and see how far we can go with this. I personally like the concept of a ‘mascot’ and currently we could say Oni is somewhat our Mascot. I want him to be more popular as a character and hopefully push him to even more variety of mediums.

D: In Indonesia, Game Developer is one of the profession that happening today. Do you have any advice, tips or trick for the reader who want to make a game or establish an independent game studio?

A: There are so many ways to get into making games today. Making levels, mods, programming – and tonnes of advice, tutorials and inspiration shared online with communities of like-minded people. My advice is to play with these free tools, just create stuff, enjoy it, and see what happens. When you have a body of work in a portfolio you are much more employable when you apply to a development studio. With tools like Unreal you can even become an expert at the tools you will use at that developer before you’ve ever worked in the industry!

With regards to starting your own studio, I think the best approach is to just start doing it for fun with the goal of just creating something for yourself and see where it takes you!

F: Tips from me, is probably to go out often, go to various places ,another countries, find random encounters, and if you meet a famous person, just suck to them and turn them into one of your friends. then you will automatically become famous as well hahahahahahahaha.

Anyways, I think one thing I would like to say is to always be honest with what you love doing and be creative. A game is also another way to express yourself, and if you are having fun making it and put a lot of happiness into it, the feeling will reach the person who play it. So whatever you do, remember to always have fun and do it 100% J

D: Thanks for the time. Good luck for Futuretro!

A&F: You’re welcome!

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