PT Kreon Mobile Officially Launched GemStore, the Newest Platform for Mobile Gamers

Not for a long time, Indonesian gamers – especially mobile gamers – will be highly facilitated by Gemstore, the newest mobile gaming platform from PT Kreon Mobile which ready to compete in Indonesia’s mobile gaming market. As predicted, mobile gaming market growth increases rapidly along with the enormous growth of smartphone industry globally, including in Indonesia. Kreon Mobile held GemStore Launching show on October 30th, 2013 as an introduction before this platform is officially released. GemStore, an Android-based mobile gaming platform, planned to present a wide range of interesting apps and games, both from overseas and domestic game developer.

Gamers will be able to directly download application file from GemStore in a similar way with Google Play downloading process. However, GemStore offers loads of easiness for gamers in accessing the games. Games at GemStore are already localized, both in language and server access. One of the most annoying moments for gamers is when they’re suddenly disconnected from the server in the middle of playing and GemStore promises to minimize it by providing local server which is faster and more stable. Free to play also guaranteed for all applications downloaded through GemStore, yet if a gamer wants to be a step ahead, GemStore also provides easily purchased premium items to strengthen the game character. Some of the games that can be accessed from GemStore are Tales of Deonia (A2X Games), Dragon Village (highbrow), Viking Wars (Skeinglobe), Hunter Cat (CraveMob), and Everybody Play! (Hotdog Studio).

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Pictured above are the preview for one of the games that GemStore provides, Tales of Deonia. Tales of Deonia is an RPG-based social game from A2XGames for Android, was released in South Korea on 2013. This game allows you to play characters from Swordsman, Thief, Magician and Priest, that will have their quest in a dungeon with random layout. Since it’s a social game, the players can play the game with other players or have a PvP competition. You guys can try playing this game through GemStore that will be released on November 6th, 2013.

GemStore Game Lineup Video

GemStore Promotion Video

GemFest2013 Highlight Video

Prize Awarding for GemFest 2013 Winners

Other than the release announcement, there is also Prize awarding for GemFest 2013 winners at GemStore Launching Show. This domestic Android-based mobile game development has reached its final strage where 6 finalists are announced and receiving their prize. The first and second place are claimed by Luminov and Powerof2. Easily understood casual games, Wafer Factory from Luminov and GoGoGong from Powerof2 are definitely able to draw smartphone users’ interest. As promised, both winner games will be published by Kreon Mobile after it’s been fully developed. These two games are all the more reason for more Indonesian mobile gamers to download and install GemStore on their devices.

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