Qeon Interactive Will Stop Shadow Company Game Service

The fierce competition of MMO worldwide has taken yet another victim. This time Shadow Company, one of MMOFPS game that is published in Indonesia, will be closed down soon. Qeon Interactive as Shadow Company’s publisher officially confirmed that the game will be closed down at the end of this year, December 31st, 2013 on 23.00.

In an official statement received by Duniaku.net, Qeon expressing their regrets in closing down its first game service that has passed its first year. Qeo stated that the closure of Shadow Company service was due to the developer of the game, Doobic Studio, declared bankruptcy and out of business at the end of this year. This means Qeon will no longer get any support, feature updates, also fixing bugs found in the game due to the lack of professionalism from the developer. The closing down of Shadow Company is not only for Indonesia, but also worldwide such as in South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia.

The closing down of Shadow Company service is a huge regret for Qeon since Qeon is the first and the last publisher who launches and closes the Shadow Company service worldwide. Qeon also expressing their apology for every Shadow Company players that has loyally played the game since its release until now. For the loyal players, Qeon will not let them down since Shadow Company’s player will get various compensations that will be granted at Shadow Company before its closure or at other games.

Some of the promised compensations are 0-Credit price for all items that previously should be bought using credits started from November 11th, 2013 up to closure date. This means you can buy weapons, armors, or other game items that you want with 0 credit or FREE. Other than free items, Shadow Company players also able to ‘migrate’ their character to other games that was published by Qeon such as Heva Online and Puzzle Kingdom, with adjustment to each games’ level setting. As an example, if you have a Shadow Company character whose level is 9th to 14th, then you can migrate them as a Heva Online whose level is 59th novice + ava military 7d plus a Puzzle Kingdom character with the exact same level + resources @3,000 (iron, rock, food, lumber) + 1 hero card.

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