Faunia Paw: A Super Addictive Casual Game!

Faunia Paw - Logo

In the near future, Lyto will soon release its newest product called Lyto Mobi. Lyto Mobi is a mobile gaming app where we can download various high-quality games for our gadgets. One of the games already prepared by Lyto is Faunia Paw, developed by Artoncode. The fact that this game had yet to be released does not stop it to get an award in Indonesia Game Show by winning Best Casual Game for Smartphone/Tablet by Professional.

Faunia Paw - in game

This time I will review this puzzle-genre game. The story of Faunia Paw itself is an continuation from a series called Faunia Rancher. The story goes like this, Faunia Ranch is overpopulated and the Faunias are starting to runaway. As the player of the game, our task is to gather those runaways. The task can be done by matching 3 same-colored Faunias. To do so, the players can swipe to 4 directions, up, down, left, and right. If a player can match more than 3 Faunias, they get a bonus. For example, if a player can match 4 Faunias, they will automatically get a bomb than can destroy several Faunias around the bomb when it’s exploded.

Faunia Paw - Avatar Status

In general, there is nothing new offered by Faunia Paw compared to similar games like PokoPang. However, this game offers cute avatars that are more than just decoration. These avatars can give its user a unique power. For example, one of the avatar will give triple multiplier if a player can get 5 combos. Really useful, right? Other than that, the players can also buy items such as Ultima Stone that will destroy Faunias that share the same color with the stone.

Faunia Paw also offers multiplayer mode. Quite different with similar games where it mostly using leaderboard system, Faunia Paw enable player to challenge another player in 1-on-1 battle mode. And worry not! This battle mode is not set as real-time battle so the players can do their battle in their own convenient time. This feature is something to be counted on since, at least in my opinion, Faunia Paw made it more personal for the players compared to leaderboard system where our names simply written in the scoreboard.

Faunia Paw - Status

Unfortunately, Faunia Paw still quite unresponsive since sometimes I can’t swipe smoothly. The gadget we use to play might be a factor too, however. Overall, Faunia Paw is a very entertaining game. Since we can finish it in 5 to 10 minutes, this game is great to kill time while waiting for something. But be careful, this game is super addicting! Want to get your hands on this game? Wait for it next month at iOS and Android gadgets!

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