Young Indonesian Game Developer: Eldwin Viriya

Eldwin Viriya
Eldwin Viriya when Own Games wins INAICTA 2013 for Games category with Own Pet Dragon

It is undeniable that Indonesia’s game development advancement in recent years saw a promising growth. For such growth, we got game developers to thank. In the spirit of Youth Pledge Day on October 28th, 2013, Duniaku present you special featured articles on young game developers in Indonesia.

After our first part with Mahdi Bashroni Rizal who currently is a Game Producer at Square Enix Smileworks, this time we will have Eldwin Viriya, CEO of Own Games. Eldwin shared to us on the ups and downs in building a game studio from scratch, what Youth Pledge means to him, and his biggest dream in relation to game developing. Without further ado, here’s the interview:

Duniaku (D): What do you think about the meaning of Youth Pledge in such modern times like now?

Eldwin (E): Whoa, such a heavy question for the opening! Hahaha I’ll try to answer it… from my point of view, the meaning of Youth Pledge is still the same with the time it was declared. The concept back then is already clear and still held relevance even with the current situation, that we’re of one nation and should be united.

D: As a game developer, what have you done to bring the Youth Pledge to life?

E: In relation to “acknowledge one motherland, Indonesia” and “acknowledge one nation, the nation of Indonesia”, we did various things on several occasions, such as during Independence Day, we proudly celebrating it by showing our studio mascot waving Indonesian flag. About “uphold the language of unity, Bahasa Indonesia”, that one is still in progress. There are several of our upcoming game releases that was planned to have their own Bahasa Indonesia version.

D: Building a game studio like Own Games from scratch until as it is now must be taking a lot of effort. What are the ups and downs?

E: Own Games’ journey is a rather tough one. There are so many things that we want to achieve yet we can’t since we didn’t have the resources. But that doesn’t mean our journey was unpleasant. These days, Own Games keeps on growing both from quality and teamwork and it made us confident that our journey will be even more fun.

D: What is the biggest achievement that makes you and Own Games team very proud?

E: What makes me really proud of Own Games team is the close bond among the members. Everyone can have a great discussion and happily doing the best that we can do together. Doesn’t mean I think other achievement is not something to be proud of, but when the discussion is always filled with laughter and every member has the sense of ownership and taking pride in every product that we will create, those are the things that made me proud the most.

D: Any word for Indonesian youths that choose gaming world as a means to make Indonesia better?

E: Whoa, I don’t think I’m already capable to give any suggestion yet. Hahahaha.. I’m still learning too. One thing I can say is that to our fellow fighter in Indonesia’s gaming world, let’s do our best to create products that make everyone proud. Let’s fight together! ^_^9

D: Every person must be having a dream that they wish will come true in the future. What is your biggest dream as a game developer?

E: Our biggest dream is that our product will be received warmly and loved by a lot of people.

D: Okay, thanks for your time! We wish you and Own Games will be even more successful!

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