ToothInvaders, Newest Game from Gemfest 2013’s Champion!

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Gemfest 2013 competition held by Kreon on last September brings Luminov as its first-place winner. Luminov is mainly focuses on mobile application and game development. Some of the games released by Luminov are MoeMoe the Forest Spirit and Aztec Run! while the game winning the first place is Wafer Factory that is currently going through development stage.

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Recently, Luminov released its newest game called ToothInvaders. A joint project with a toothbrush and toothpaste brand, ToothInvaders is a germ-and-tooth themed game where the player should get rid of the germs on the teeth by swiping the germs.  

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In ToothInvaders, the players should be able to get rid of the germs as many and as fast as possible in 90 seconds. If there’s any germ left, the germ will leave stain in the teeth and decrease the player’s score. During the game, there will be several ‘Power Up’ that will give extra advantage when tapped. ‘Time Bonus’ will give extra time, ‘Heal’ will will clean the stained tooth part, ‘Freeze’ will freeze all germs on screen, ‘Gold Coin’ gives extra points and last but not least, ‘Anti Bacteria’ that will get rid of all germs.

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There’s also ‘Journal’ feature where players can identify the germs found in the game. The players also can complete their ‘Achievement’page by finishing missions. There is also High Score system where players with the highest scores will appear in the game’s main page and at the players only need to login from their Facebook and the score will be automatically appeared there.

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ToothInvaders is available for Android and iOS-based devices (iPad and iPhone) and can be downloaded for free at AppStore and Google Play. Watch the trailer below and head to AppStore or Google Play to download this interesting game!

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