Gravity Shuts Down RO 2: Legend of the Second Server in South Korea

Sad news comes from Ragnarok Online (RO) 2: Legend of The Second service in South Korea. Through an official statement, Gravity announced that they will close the game’s server in South Korea, as in stopping the game service for South Korean gamers. This is rather surprising since South Korea is the game’s country of origin and the service was short-lived. Since its launch, RO 2 only a year and nine month old when closed.

The server closure was planned to be done next month, the exact date is 23 December 2013. With this closure, Gravity expresses a deep regret to the country’s gamers. They also reveal that the closure was due to the game failed to accomplish the minimum player target. However, Gravity still gives some hope for the country’s RO 2 gamers that still wish to play the game where they promised that the closure is a temporary one. They mentioned that they currently ‘looking for the right path’ for this game and planned to resurrect it when the time is right.

Legend of the Second

How about this game’s service in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia? No need to worry since Gravity announced that this closure will not impact this game’s service to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. The service will run as usual and Gravity will still provide support. In case you had not known, this game started its service in Indonesia on July and published by the same game publisher that previously brought RO to Indonesia, Lyto.

South Korean gamers also have no need to worry about what game to play since there were so many choices available. As of now, there are five new MMO games that was planned to start its service at the end of this year. Those games are long awaited titles such as Blade & Soul that will enter its open beta testing phase, Black Desert which was dubbed as Korea’s answer to Elder Scrolls, and Tree of Savior that was developed by one of RO’s creators, Hakkyu Kim. There are also many other games that can be played such as Black Sheep, Kritika and BLESS Online. And if gamers there still wanted to play RO 2, they can play it through Steam.

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