Creative Talk on Interactive Games at Indonesia Creativity Product Week 2013

Bincang Kreatif

Talking about interactive game, or more popularly called game, Indonesia now is no longer stayed as customer. In recent years, so many new Indonesian game developers appeared, proving that Indonesia can be a producer in the industry and can compete with other game developers around the world. This is the theme for Creative Talk on Interactive Games at Indonesia Creativity Product Week 2013 that will be held on Saturday, 30 November 2013.

Tackling the “Connecting The Puzzle to Create A Better Game Industry” theme, this talkshow and discussion will be held at Talaga, Epicentrum Walk Jakarta started at 13:00 and ended on 19:00. The discussion and talkshow will be attended by several names with significant experience in Indonesia’s creative industry such as Marlin Sugama (Main Studios), Arief Widhiyasa (CEO of Agate Studio), Dien Wong (CEO of Altermyth), Kris Antoni (CEO of Toge Productions), Anton Soeharyo (CEO of Touchten Games), and Ami Raditya from

Bincang Kreatif
The Venue

The event itself will be divided into two sessions. The first session is the discussion session themed Gathering and Open Discussion wih Government that will be led by Marlin Sugama and Arief Widhiyasa. The discussion will present Lolly Amalia and Hari Sungkari from Kemenparekraf, Ami Raditya from, and Andy Suryanto from AGI and will discuss the development of interactive game industry in Indonesia and the world and the socialization of goverment’s plan to foster interactive game industry in Indonesia. The discussion was expected to bring several concrete steps recommendations to foster interactive game industry in Indonesia.

The second session of the event is a talkshow themed Fascination of Game Industry in Indonesia and will be led by Marlin Sugama. In the talkshow Ihsan Wahab from Altermyth, Anton Soeharyo and Kris Antoni will talk about Indonesia’s game industry’s appeal. Some of the topics included the success story from interactive game industry players and the opportunity for game industry in Indonesia. For the first session, the participant number is limited to 50 people, strictly for game developers and Kemenparekraf’s Partnership and Facilitation Directorate while the second session is opened for public with only 80 seats available.

To read further about the event, you can visit its website here.

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