Crazy Shooter, Newest Game from Gemscool is ready to Launch!

Crazy Shooter - 1

Gemscool finally announced their newest game that will be released soon. The game is titled Crazy Shooter and it’s a Techno Shooting Game.

Crazy Shooter - 2

Gemscool already launched Crazy Shooter’s official website on last Monday. However, the release date is not yet announced. But worry not! Through the website, we can see Crazy Shooter’s interesting features. One of them is the various maps to play such as Ice Cave, Billage Town Hall Road and Pirate Island Secret Base, offering multicolored environment. To those of you that love crafting, you’ll love this game since Crazy Shooter provides crafting feature called Doctor R Item Workshop. This feature enables crafting-fans players to create items that later can be used in the battle.

Crazy Shooter - 3

Although this is a shooter game, does not mean you can’t have a pet? You can pick from so many cute pets at Crazy Shooter and they can be useful during a battle. Another unique feature is Finishing Attack which is quite rare for a third person shooting game. Here at Crazy Shooter, this feature was included neatly in the gameplay and make the gaming experience more interesting and fun.

Crazy Shooter - 4

There are 4 game modes available. The first is No Item Mode where you can’t use any item. The second one, Item Mode is the opposite of No Item Mode. The third one is Sniper Mode where you can only use sniper and the last one is Survival Solo Mode where there will be no team and you will fight every players in the arena.

Gemscool also had prepared so many events that you can participate in although the game had not been released. You can find the detailed information here. While waiting for the official release, you can check Crazy Shooter’s Facebook fanpage, twitter, and its official website for the latest update!

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