Qeon Delays Clash of Gods CBT to February 2014

Jadwal CBT Clash of Gods

Seems like we have to be more patient as the Closed Beta Test (CBT) of Clash of Gods is delayed. Qeon Interactive as the publisher of the game in Indonesia had confirmed that Clash of Gods’ CBT schedule is delayed for two months and will be held on the upcoming February 2014. In an official statement sent to Duniaku.net, Qoen reveals that the delay was due to the effort to ensure the overall perfection for this game after the VIP test several months ago.

The efforts, among others, are ensuring the Bahasa Indonesia in the game is already correct, a deeper bug search, network test to ensure no lagging, ensuring that the client size won’t be too big, run-testing the game in various computer specifications and there are other technical test that might disrupt the players’ gaming flow. For the delay, Qeon apologized to Clash of Gods players, or usually called Clashers.

Below is the apology statement from Qeon’s Operational Game Director, Andrian Pauline Husen:

I, as Qeon’s Operational Game Director, deeply apologized to Clashers on behalf of Qeon for the inconvenience caused by this unexpected situation. I sincerely hope that Clash of Gods fans will understand that Qeon’s highest priority is to bring Clashers with the perfect, best-quality version of this amazing online game. With its best version, I hope the players can have the best enjoyment while playing Clash of Gods and we will continue to provide the highest-quality service and innovations for the consumers.


The game itself actually had undergo several tests, both during national-scaled game event such as IGS 2013 or during tournaments and VIP Test that was held for limited participants at the beginning of October 2013. In those occasions, the gamers’ response is very positive. This positive response seemed to be ‘spread’ from its China server since gamers’ response toward this game in China is very enthusiastic. In total, there are more than 45,000 gamers that wanted to try this game, which were named as one of China’s best MMORPG in 2013, while there are only 5,000 closed beta key provided initially.

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