Congratulations for Mobile Games Developer War 5 Winners!

Mobile Games Developer War 5 - Cover

Mobile Games Developer War 5 (MGDW 5) event series was just recently officially finished. Nokia – the brain behind the event – had announced the winners of the respective categories. The total prize provided by Nokia is nothing small – 240 million rupiahs – it even becomes the biggest amount offered since the first MGDW. Nokia also remains true to their vision in organizing this competition, to find which Indonesia’s mobile game developer has the biggest dream, the dream of making the best game in Indonesia.

For Professional category, Own Games – established by two siblings – placed 1st thanks to their newest creation, Eyes on Dragon. This title adds the string of titles EldwinViriya and JefvinViriya had won this year, as their other game – Own Pet Dragon – wins game category during INAICTA 2013. Eyes on Dragon, an endless gameplay-genre game, also brought the siblings a 100 million rupiahs prize.

Mobile Game Developer Award 5

Mobile Game Developer Award 5

For Rookie category, two Surabaya-based game studios brought home the 1st winner and 3rd winner title. Floo Studio wins this category through I Surrender! While Oxy games placed 3rd thanks to Rat ‘n Roll. Interestingly, both studios are from the same institute, InstitutTeknologiSepuluhNopember (ITS) Surabaya. At the 2nd place, we have InstitutTeknologi Bandung’s representative, Monzee, claiming the place with their creation, Dice Roller. I Surrender!is minimalist in style but presenting its own complexity. Similar with Eyes on Dragon, this game is released for Windows Phone.

Mobile Game Developer Award 5

Mobile Game Developer Award 5

Below is the list of the winner, as quoted from Kompas:

Rookie Category:

1st place: Floo Studio (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, Surabaya) -> I Surrender!

2nd place: Monzee (Institut Teknologi Bandung) -> Dice Roller

3rd place: Oxy Games (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November, Surabaya) -> Rat N’ Roll

Special Challenge Category:

Action & Adventure: Angkasa Labs -> Crazy Jogger

Racing & Flying: Raion Studio -> Fly to Heaven

Puzzle & Trivia: The Wali ->Kelereng’s Tale

Strategy: Tree Line from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara -> Happy Monster

Professional Category:

Own Games -> Eyes on Dragon

Congratulations to the winners! Let’s use the achievement as the motivator to create a better work in the future!

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