City of Steam Will Be Available in Indonesia on January 2014!

City of Steam

One more MMO game will be available in Indonesia. Lemon Game, the publisher, confirmed that they are ready to bring City of Steam to Indonesian market. The release date was already chosen, where this web-based game will be released on January 2014. The game developed using Unity 3D promised us a stunning visual for a web-based game.

There are several features that will be the main points of the game. The first one is character customization where this game provides four classes and ten races that can be combined to create you character.  Not only customizing characters, you can also create and customize your weapon. This will also help you in the game’s fast-paced battle.

City of Steam

The second one is the unique game setting. This game was set in a steampunk-styled world. You can explore the areas using steam train and passed through steampunk-styled buildings. The third feature is PvP where you can fight another player. There are several areas that can be used as battle arena, one of them is in front of the dungeons.


Other than confirming release date, Lemon Game also announced the PC’s minimum specification that you need to play the game. Here is the specification list:

OS: Windows XP/Mac OS X v10.6 or higher
HDD: 100 MB HDD space
CPU: 2.33GHz or higher / x86-compatible

City of Steam

Lemon Game itself was established on August 2012. In a relatively short time, they successfully published several Chinese-developed games to other countries. In such short time too, this publisher already opened branches in several countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and USA. To get the most updated news of City of Steam, you can check its official Facebook fanpage here.

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