Join Global Game Jam 2014 from Bandung!

Global Game Jam Bandung

Bandung becomes the fifth city ready to organize Global Game Jam (GGJ) 2014 along with Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. Global Game Jam Bandung 2014 will be held at the same time with other site, from 24 January 2014 on 14.00 to 26 January 2014. For the venue, Bandung-based developers will be gathered for two days at Agate Studio’s headquarter, Jl. Budisari Raya 6, Bandung.

However, prior to GGJ, the game developers will have a meetup on 23 January 2014, 7 PM at Bumi Sawunggaling where they will have a sharing session and making preparations for the next day’s GGJ. On 24 January 2014, prior to gathering at Agate Studio for the game jam, they will be attending the opening event at Bandung Digital Valley on 2 PM. When confirmed by, the organizer for GGJ Bandung, Lukman Maulana, reveals that they have finished the preparation for the GGJ Bandung.

Global Game Jam Bandung

Lukman also reveals that the facilities for the participants will be prepared by Agate Studio. “Agate Studio had prepared the facilities. For the food, we had prepared a catering where the participants pay for their own food.” said Lukman. GGJ Bandung registration is no different with other site. To you, game developers at Bandung and the neighboring area, you can register by:

Anyone is welcomed to join Global Game Jam Bandung. Anyone from programmer, artist, to composer, both pro and rookies in game development world can participate. Lukman also state his expectation for Global Game Jam Bandung “Hopefully this event can make Bandung-based game developers closer than ever and the camaraderie spreads wider.” He said.

You are at Bandung or its neighboring cities and wanted to develop a game together with other Bandung-based game developers and other developers worldwide? Register soon!

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