Report: Press Conference for Tantra Online 2

On 18 January 2014, 4 PM at Bloeming Beer Bar, FX Lifestyle X’nter FB Floor, Jakarta, the press conference for Tantra Online 2 was held. The event was opened by a brief introduction to Tantra Online 2 by VTC Online Project Manager, Nico. He then continued by explaining the features, classes, and system requirement for this game. We previously covered Tantra Online 2’s features here.

For classes, there are 4 classes available in Tantra Online 2, those are:

1. Wizard

Wizard class is closely connected with elements, as in they can manipulate elements as they wish. The elements can be used by Wizard class to increase its power or to destroy the enemy. Using their Magic Staff, a Wizard can release a spell in the form of fireball, ice arrow, or lightning. More importantly during dangerous times, a Wizard can create meteor rain that can destroy all enemies nearby.

2. Fighter

Fighter class, as indicated by its name, possesses incredible martial arts ability. Other than that, Fighter class also able to perform Healing and launch deadly attacks using their weapon, a pair of Katar.

3. Assassin

This class uses Dagger as the main weapon. They also have super speed and great with poison. This class is highly dangerous since they can attack their enemies silently.

4. Warrior

The class with the best attack and defense power. No wonder this class always put in the frontline. This class uses Sword, Axe and Shield as their main weapon.

The event then continues with Q & A session and ended by doorprizepresenting (Razer Mouse and Keyboard) to 2 lucky journalists. A reminder, open beta phase for Tantra Online 2 is officially opened on 19 January 2014.

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