Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta – Day 1

On last 24 January 2014, taken place in Inixindo, Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta event is officially opened.

On last 24 January 2014, taken place in Inixindo Ruko Permata Senayan Block E2-E5 Jakarta, Global Game Jam 2014 event which is held in seven big cities in Indonesia is officially opened. In Jakarta, this event is followed by almost 100 well known game developers in Indonesia who register themselves individually, whom will finally be grouped. Although officially this event is held on 5 pm, but the participants already arrive from 1 pm which proves that the enthusiasm from participants is really high. This event is started with speech and presentation from Co-founder Toge Online who is also Chairman of Committee of Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta, Kris Antoni. In the presentation, besides explains background and objective of Global Jam event, he explains to all participants, that in creating their game, they must refer to theme of Global Game Jam 2014 event, “We Don’t See Things as They Are, but as We Are” aside from that Kris explains that there are 14 Diversifiers (terms/achievements) which can be chosen by the participants to be inserted in their games. The fourteen Diversifiers are:

  • Back to 1885: Game is created using background/setting in 19th century
  • Can You Come and Play?: Created game has local multiplayer mode
  • Design, Create, and Play: The whole content of game (both graphics and sound) is created based on available procedure.
  • Hackontroller: Participants must create the game with controller designed by themselves OR participants may use available controller design but the controller must be modified again as unique as possible.
  • Homo Sapiens are Boring: Created game is meant to be played by cat.
  • Honor Aaron Swartz: The whole materials used in game creating MUST BE the material found in Public Domain.
  • I Am Who I Want To Be: Character created in game is not specified by gender.
  • Inclusive: Created game is designed so that can be played by disabled individuals.
  • Rebel Learns It Better: The game which has educational purpose, displays feature of hidden playing rule/technique which is provided for those who dislike following determined playing rules.
  • Round and Round: Rotation is one of main mechanicals used in the game.
  • The Ultimate Bechdel Test Survivor: Created game must survive from three Bechdel Test
  • You Only Live Thrice: Character from created game only has three lives. If the character played is dead, the player must restart the level.
  • You Say it!: Created game can use audio which functions to order the players to create a sound.
  • Activist: In created game, there must be element from Candy or Saga or both.

Chairman of Global Game Jam Jakarta, Kris Antoni

Then, the event is continued with speech from General Chairman INCAICTA 2014, Andreas Surya, speech from Kominfo (Communication and Information Ministry), Mr. Boni and representative from Inixindo, Mr. Andi who explains technical rules and orders that must be complied during the event.

General Chairman 2014, Andreas Surya

Representative from Inixindo, Mr. Andi

Around 4 pm, after photo session together with the committees and participants of Global Game Jam Jakarta 214, event is continued with grouping for participants. The grouping is based on each participant’s skill such as: Programmer (marked with black colored tape), Artist (marked with red colored tape), other skills (marked with blue colored tape) and in one group must consist of individuals who have different skills.

After the grouping session is done, event is continued with pre pitching which is done by one of representative from each group. The representative has three minutes to explain idea/concept of the game that will be created by the group. After listening to the pitch, if one of the participants from listener group is interested more in the pitch given by previous group the participant may move to the mentioned group before. Around 5 pm, after enjoying the provided snack, the participants are gathered again to do the final pitching, this session is the last grouping with final members and concept. To maximize the “selling” of the pitching, the duration of final pitching is added two minutes from pre pitching session. After final group is formed, the first day of Global Game Jam event is closed with dinner which is continued by working room distribution for each group.

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