Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta – Day 2

Entering the second day, enthusiasm and spirit from Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta participants is higher. This is proven by several participants who stay overnight in order to create a cool and innovative game.

Entering the second day, enthusiasm and spirit from Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta participants is higher. This is proven by several participants who stay overnight and not going home in order to create not only a cool game but also innovative game. On this second day, six teams formed have succeeded in creating at least 50% from their expected game. These are the following titles and gameplay also the photos from each team:

Through The Eye of a Candy

Through The Eye of a Candy is a game which has genre interactive storytelling. In this game, gamers will play three characters: teacher, bullied student, and student who bullies depicted from each character’s perspective. Later, the gamers will be given choice orders to execute the storyline for each character. The idea/concept of this game can be said very innovative and different from most other games. It can also be said that idea and gameplay from this game are like the idea of A-list Hollywood movies like Babel and other similar movies.

Face It

Face it is a game with Puzzle Simulation genre, which in this game, gamers must describe a picture which is displayed randomly in 140 character (like Twitter). Gamers can freely describe the pictures matched with what the gamers see. Example: if the gamers get the picture of a man whose body is twisted by snake with the skateboard on his two feet. Gamers can say that it is just ordinary man who is twisted, etc. the main purpose from this game is to see gamers’ point of view/perspective in describing/depicting what they see. Oh, if while describing the picture, gamers use words contained racism, this game will automatically display words: “YOU’RE RACIST!” in gamers’ computer screen.

My Candy Pet Saga

Do you gamers remember or did you feel the hype in Tamagotchi era? Well, if you gamers are longing of feeling nostalgia to the past, you must play this game. In My Candy Pet Saga game, gamers later will groom and take care of Pet until mature (as in Tamagotchi). However, the difference in this game, while choosing the food we want to give to our pets, we need to complete a mission/achievement that later can be used to buy that food.

Dimension Saga

In Dimension Saga, we will play the character whose spirit is separated from its body. Later the character’s spirit  and body of this character will help each other in solving the puzzle/riddle which is faced in this game. So far, this game is still in designing level and completion of puzzle. And if it’s seen from the design so far, this game seems very simple but fun to be played.

My Obor Lights Labyrinth

In this game with Platform Adventure genre, we will play character appeared as torch carrier ghost which has adventure in a dark Dungeon (palace). The torch carried is not only functioned as the light but also can be used to look for puzzle pieces that later need to be matched in order to open a door to next level. The Obor Lights Labyrinth team uses black and white picture setting which adds the mysterious aura of this game. This game is actually the same/similar with other platform adventure games but what makes this game is so fun to play is the surprise elements that we cannot expect/see which appear suddenly when we play this game. So in other words, this game really applies the theme of Global Game 2014: “We Don’t See Things As They Are, But As We Are”.

Candy Addict Saga

What if Pac-Man, Mental Hospital Patient, Candy Crush and Steroid/Drugs are mixed in a game? Well, approximately this is what describes through this Candy Addict Saga game. In this game we will play a Mental Hospital patient who is suffered from “craziness” because he’s too obsessive with Candy Crush Saga game. Since he’s way too crazy about this game, he becomes so uncontrollable and kills whomever he meets in order to play this game. The uniqueness of this game character is that he thinks of himself and his actions “normal” but others think himself as “bonkers. ” This character has no defend act ability at all. So in order to play “the mission” he needs to look for (eats) candy/drugs which have effect to give power which directly makes this character very strong to kill people around him.

The title and game play above is temporary, which means, suddenly can change. The final result from each group will be determined on the third day from this event, that is on 26 January 2014. So stay tune gamers.

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