Report of Sony Playstation 4 Road Show in Surabaya

on 25-26 January 2014, gamers in Surabaya finally have the chance to try the ability of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), in the Road Show event.


For these last two days, on 25-26 January 2014, gamers in Surabaya finally have the chance to try the ability of the latest next-gen console, a whiz from Sony, that is PlayStation 4 (PS4), in the Road Show event which is held in Surabaya Town Square. This road show is the third after being held before in Jakarta and Tangerang, after Sony Indonesia officially released this console in our country on last 9 January 2014.


Besides trying to play the games which are provided during the Road Show event, if you feel interested to buy this console, you can get it through its official store in Sony store Tunjungan Plaza, with price from Rp. 6.999.000,- until Rp. 7.399.000,- (if bundling with PlayStation Camera). Not only that, for you FPS fans, during the exhibition it’s also provided for Bundle Set for Killzone Shadow Fall and battlefield 4, which you can get each for price Rp. 7.399.000,- and Rp. 7.499.000,-.


Store Manager from Sony also explains, “Purchase for machine can be done in our place, but for the games, Sony Store doesn’t provide, potential gamers can buy in nearest game stores.”

Not only console, in this Road Show Personal 3D Viewer is also introduced, or which widely known with cool term as head mounted display. It’s fun enough for the first time using this device, picture quality and sound are good enough. However, for glasses users, although able to play wearing a glasses (this device can be suited with glasses users) players will feel their glasses start to be dewy when they wear it for too long. Besides that, this device is not light, heavy enough being worn while standing. Although only try this device to play one of the games in the Road Show, but from the information we obtain, Personal 3D Viewer can also be used to all PS4 games!


Interesting games that fondle the visitors

The best way to introduce a console is by playing it. During the Road Show, the visitors are welcomed to try several games for PS Vita, PS Vita TV, and PS 4. The most popular game played by visitors is Just Dance for PS4, where the visitors can dance together freely with others. Since in the morning when this event is opened until night, Just Dance kiosk is never quiet from the visitors. Both for the youngsters and the old ones, they all play it. From our observation, even there are several people who are interested to buy PS4 after playing this game.


Besides Just Dance, there are three other games that are crowded from visitors, that are: Injustice Gods Among Us which is fighting game from DC, FIFA 14 which becomes the favorite for male gamers, and the last is Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Some visitors who have played AC: Black Flag and owns the PC version say that actually for gameplay is still the same with PC, but from graphics side, PS4 looks better, moreover if it’s played through HD television.

Meanwhile for FIFA and Injustice players feel so interested to buy PS4 because the game quality is good enough for them. We also have tried some games which are less interesting but for us it is interesting enough, such as God Eater 2 which is demonstrated via PS Vita TV, and Resogun for PS4. We feel that this game is similar with Raiden or Space Invader which is formed more modern, and gameplay turns out very addictive!


PS4 game which has been announced in Sony Conference last Year, Knack is interesting enough for children and the visitors who want to try 3D Viewer must play Knack to feel the sensation from that accessory. Knack is interesting enough but some visitors say that for simple game, Resogun is more exciting.

FPS fans can also feel the fun playing Killzone Shadow Fall which is prepared by Road Show committee through two demo kiosks. This game has very good graphics, and although those who play are less than who play FIFA or Injustice, but it can be said that Killzone has the most ability to show incredible graphics power in PS4. The environment detail and its weapon are very good, although Just Dance which is shown in larger stand can show a little better graphics.

Fun Just Dance Challenge

PS4-Road-Show-8 PS4-Road-Show-9

Besides holding PS4 direct demo, Road Show Committee also gives challenge for visitors, that is to be the best dancer in Just Dance game and the winner gets goodie bag from Sony. This challenge is done in 3 pm, and the visitors are very enthusiastic when joining it. Two visitors with highest scores are battling in final stage to be the winner.


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