Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta – Day 3

On the last day of this event, participants who have worked hard days and nights for creating an innovative game will present their works

On the third day of Global Game Jam 2014 event in Jakarta, the fatigue and anxiousness reflect more clearly on participants’ faces. How not? On the last day of this event, participants who have worked hard days and nights for creating an innovative game, on the last time of the event, will present their works not only in front of the other participants but also in front of Ryo Teruya who is the Project Leader of Square Enix in South East Asia. Finally after almost 48 hours designing and “re-touching” their video games, on 3.30 pm sharp, all of Global Game Jam 2014 participants come forward to present their video games result. However, before presentation starts, it’s opened with speech from Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta Chairman, Kris Antoni, who thanks all of participants and media colleagues who have participated in this event. After Kris finishes the speech, this event is continued with speech from Ryo Teruya who says that the reason for him to attend this event is to see the development/progress of video game industry in Indonesia which he considers has been progressing than before.

Ryo Teruya

After two speeches finish, finally the most waited moment arrives. Video Game results created by each participant are presented. And these are the sequence and explanation from each team’s presentation.

My Obor Lights Labyrinth Team

Game “Obor Lights Labyrinth” is a Puzzle-Platform Adventure game which in this game we will play character appears like ghost which is actually a hooded man having adventure in a dark Dungeon (palace), he needs to get the way out of that palace only with torch used both as light and tool to search the puzzle pieces which later to be combined to open the doors inside the palace. Like in most games, in searching for puzzle pieces, we will face various obstacles such as enemies and some traps which can make our journey a bit “colorful”. In overall, the game with black and white setting is good enough to play and very fun to play. However, the weakness in this game is lack of traps and enemies available. Nevertheless, based on presentation given by the MOLL team, this game has good prospect if in the future it is “retouched” a little more.

Dimension Saga Team

Dimension Saga is a game with genre “Paltform-Adventure” in which we will play character which is always followed by his own spirit wherever he goes. The function of this character’s spirit is to help the character we play in competing the puzzle and other obstacles available in this game. This game’s setting is in Parallel Universe (spirit world and real world) so that it enables the interaction not only from character in this game but also interaction from the gamers who play this game. In overall, this game is like Mario Bross with a little spice “funny myth” inside. As said by Ryo when commenting this game, Dimension Saga really has big potential to be one of Interactive Social Multiplayer Gaming if it’s far more developed.

Through The Eye of A Candy Team

Through The Eye of A Candy game with genre interactive storytelling where we will play character of school kid who is bullied often. The story theme is very generic/common. However, the uniqueness of the game is we will play this bullied school kid through three different perspectives: perspective of the bullied school kid, other student who bullies, also the teacher. Premise offered by this game is dedicated more to create awareness of bullying danger which is more common everywhere.

Candy Addict Saga

Candy Addict Saga is a game in which we will play character of a mental hospital patient who suffers from mental illness since he is way too obsessed with Candy Crush Saga game. Because of his mental illness, he likes to hallucinate to kill everyone who prevents him to play his favorite game. Based on the presentation, Candy Addict Saga Team looks really inspired by game Pac-Man with a little Carmageddon game inside. This game is really addictive and fun to play. And if it’s far more developed, it’s possible if this game achieves one of the Best Puzzle Games award in Indonesia.

Face It Team

Face it is a game which has more purpose of social than just collecting scores as high as possible. In Face It we must describe a unique picture in 140 characters (like Twitter). The describing is free and there is no term to be like this or that. However if the gamers in describing it use words contain racism, this game will automatically display words: YOU’RE RACIST, YOU’RE HOMOPHOBIC, YOU’RE SEXIST, etc. In overall, this game is fun enough to play but achievement/unlockable limit in this game, sometimes makes gamers feel bored. However, through this game we will later see/assess each interpretation of various individuals from various countries all over the world. If it’s seen from the game presentation, Face it has big market potential if this game is used as test for hiring new office employees.

My Candy Pet Saga

My candy Pet Saga is a simulation-couple game which is inspired by Tamagotchi phenomenon, hyped in the 90s. Matched with the genre name, this game is played by couples, each individual has their own tasks in growing the Pet they take care of. The difference between this game and Tamagotchi is while feeding the pet, the foods must be obtained first by challenge/mini game provided in this game. This game looks beautiful also nostalgic when it is presented. And this game is suitable for those who love Tamagotchi.

After all the teams finish presenting their game results, the event is officially closed with taking photo together.

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