Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta’s Interview with Ryo Teruya

During his visit on Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta, this Project Leader of Square Enix in South East Asia gives opportunity to be interviewed by

During his visit on Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta event, this Project Leader of Square Enix in South East Asia gives opportunity to be interviewed by team.

Duniaku (D): First of all, we’d like to welcome you in Global Game Jam 2014 Jakarta event. We are curious, why do you come far away from Japan to attend this event?

Ryo Teruya (R): I attend this event because I want to see the talents in Indonesia’s Video Game industry and the development of Indonesia’s Video Game industry this far. Plus I am also Kris Antoni’s close friend.

D: How is your impression/response with this Global Game Jam 2014 in Jakarta?

R: WOW I really am surprised! It turns out there are a lot of talents from Indonesia in this industry. I really don’t expect it.

D: Do you have any favorite game in this event?

R: Well I am confused. Because almost from all genres which have been presented in this event are so cool. However, if you ask my lifetime favorite game, I really like to play Zelda game series. I can forget time flies when I play that game, hahaha…

D: After seeing overall presentation in this event, do you think Indonesia has potential to be Market Leader in Asia?

R: Hmm.. I think, to be honest, not yet. Since the dynamics of Video Game industry in Indonesia is very slow. So I think, if Indonesia wants to be leader in Asia, speed/pace of this industry in Indonesia needs to be improved more.

D: Besides that, what else can be done?

R: I think video game developers/creators in Indonesia since now really need to think the way the video games they create can gain profit. Besides that, they need to think of how the game they create can become an addictive game (not boring although played many times).

D: As we know, Square Enix has opened the branch office in Surabaya. Is there any intention from Square Enix to open another branch office in Jakarta?

R: We are considering it. So just wait the news from us.

D: Do you want to attend Global Game Jam event again if it’s held next year (2015)?

R: As long as the event is not overlapped with my schedule, why not?


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