Learning About Indonesia Using Geograpiea from Agate Jogja

This time Agate Jogja invites us to get back in time by offering “blind map” in a digital form called Geograpiea.


Maybe there are some of you who still remember with blind map taught in Geography lesson back then in school. This blind map really helps students to familiarize and memorize geographical location of a city, or to memorize important cities from a province or a country. Well, this time Agate Jogja invites us to get back in time by offering “blind map” in a digital form called Geograpiea.

Geograpiea consists of questions you have to answer quickly because its time is limited. When the first time released for Android this end of January, Geograpiea has four levels which can be played freely. First level, you will be tested to guess the province capital by choosing one of four available choices. Second level, you are tested to mention province name from colored map piece. Third level, you are tested to find where a city is located in the map. Lastly, in the fourth level you have to guess location of building which becomes icon of a province by choosing an area in the map.


The questions are given randomly everytime you play. Geograpiea becomes more interesting with funny and colorful graphical style, it also supports the purpose of this application, that is, to be used in education. Other feature given in this game is leaderboard feature integrated with Google account, also some achievements which you can get. Unfortunately, this game has no option to “skip” if you don’t know the answer of a question. You only have two choices, answer correctly and get the point, or answer wrongly which means reducing point. Besides that, maybe it will be more educative if in the end of every level, the answer key is given to the players.



This game which is developed with Unity is still available only on Android platform and you can download by directing to Google Play store here.

How much do you understand Indonesia? Let’s play this game now and test your ability!

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