Sneak a Peek from GGJ 2014 Surabaya Jammers’ Masterpieces


From six teams who join Global Game Jam 2014 Surabaya, finally there are six games created that can be played freely on Global Game Jam official website. With the theme “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”, the jammers (participants) of Global Game Jam apparently have their own high imagination in interpreting the theme into their games. What kind of games do Surabaya jammers create during three days two nights of GGJ 2014 Surabaya event? Let’s watch it together!

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya
Buaya Team

Run Dev Run! (Buaya Team)

Game developed by Roland, Melvin and Wiwing tells their “heart stories” when they join GGJ 2014 in Surabaya. In this screen side rolling game genre, you are demanded to complete game matched with character role which appears on screen.

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya

If you use artist, you have to take related icons with artist like avoiding mood icon to complete the game on time. Or if you use programmer, you can avoid bug icon that marks bug, a.k.a programmer is running out of time to kill the bugs in game so that the game is completed on time. You can download it here.

Untitled Team

U Crash U Die (Untitled Team)

This game is developed by Untitled Team which consists of five members, they are Cristino, Adji, Primaadi, Hendrik and Felix. This screen side rolling game genre has unique feature, that is the character is able to zoom in and zoom out in different environment in the game. The purpose of zoom in and zoom out is to kill enemy who chases character by vanishing it on the screen.

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya

Playing the game is very easy, player just needs to jump from one platform to another platform, then do the zoom in and zoom out when there is any enemy chasing. This game also presents funny character with “miserable” face that asks player not to “torture” it by playing this game. :D This game is developed for PC, Windows Phone, and HTML 5, you can try it by downloading here.

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya
Big Boss Team

Naked Imaginer (Big Boss Team)

Game developed by Ruben, Furqon, Yani Ali, and Andi is a bit unique and mostly attract laughter from other participants. The unique thing here, Big Boss Team uses crazy child character and he is half naked! In the story, that child is hit by a car and lost of consciousness so it makes him imagine a lot. In his imagination, this child needs to recollect his memory pieces, which are depicted as brain shaped icon. To obtain this brain, the journey is not easy because he has to jump from one platform to another platform. The interesting thing is to reach the difficult platform, the child can change into anything nearby him! For example, to reach the higher place, the child has to change into rocket by approaching the available rocket, then the player can press button to change him into rocket.

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya

Game Hasil Karya Jammer Surabaya

Besides the game is funny and a bit NSFW (Not Safe For Work), this team is also the most amusing in presenting and succeeds in entertaining other jammers! This game which is developed for PC can be tried by downloading here.

Go check the second page for three other games.


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