FIFA Online 3 Indonesia Starts Open Beta Phase!

Garena Indonesia officially brings its sequel, FIFA Online 3 to Indonesia in Februari 2014!

Indonesian football game fans may have been longing to play an MMO football game. Lastly, there is one FIFA Online 2 title brought to Indonesia by IAH Games, but unfortunately it needs to be closed last year. However this longing has been paid off, where Garena Indonesia officially brings its sequel, FIFA Online 3 to Indonesia!

FIFA Online 3 is an MMO free to play football game which is developed by Electronic Arts Seoul Studio in Korea. This FIFA Online 3 can be called the best MMO football game this time, with clean, sharp, graphics level, and with high definition. There are more 15.000 players spread on 30 leagues in the world, from high level clubs to national clubs. The gameplay itself is created based on latest technology development, it enables more intensive multiplayer match with low lag level and recoil.

This game itself finally has been on Open Beta phase starts on yesterday, 25 February 2014. As the publisher, Garena Indonesia provides various interesting events which will fondle the players, from the item in game prized event to prize to watch directly English League match! As Open Beta’s beginning, Garena has not yet opened access to these following modes.

  • Friendly Mode Win Streak
  • Club Mode
  • Shop (Cash Item not yet sold)

You can play this game by register the account first in this web addreess, then download the installer through this page. If you find difficulties or technical problem during the game, you can read some solutions provided by Garena in this page.


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