Archer Cat Friends Review, New Nuance of Strategy and Action Combination from Gemstore

On last January, Kreon Mobile which is mobile division from Kreon or Gemscool launches new game again for its own Gemstore platform, Archer Cat Friends. How does this game look like?


On last January, Kreon Mobile which is mobile division from Kreon or Gemscool launches new game again for its own Gemstore platform, Archer Cat Friends. After Tales of Deonia and Dragon Village, finally Gemstore has one game with a little different gameplay from two previous game because in this game Cravemob combines two gameplay elements, action and strategy with new nuance. How does this game look like?

[youtube id=”wujx7vKSsSk”]

In this game, you are a cat which has to save Cat Kingdom from evil witch attack. Therefore, the cat has to train his archery ability to face the enemies and defeat the witch to reach the goal. Archer Cat Friends offers a simple and easy gameplay to learn but challenging enough. You only need to touch the coming opponents, then the cat will automatically shoot the enemies with the arrows. You have to shoot the enemies soon before they fly too low so they attack the cat.

This game has a little tower defense flavor because you are demanded to kill as soon as possible before they fly too low and attack you. You are also demanded to combine attack correctly so that the damage resulted is maximum, plus your MP remains. Besides standard attack, you can also train several skills to result bigger damage. But remember, each skill has different cooldown time, so here the strategy is also needed to manage MP and also arrange cooldown between the attacks so that the attack can be maximal. These skills you can train along you upgrade your level. Besides skill, you can also upgrade the cat’s status from HP, MP to attack speed.

This game also provides customization system and crafting item to result stronger equipment. Besides that, there are also other features inspired by PC MMORPG such as Pet Spirit which can be trained and upgraded to help you in the battle, raid boss, to social system to fight for highest score on leaderboard. For this highest score competition, until this article is written, Gemstore provides prized event for the player who can achieve the highest score.

As a whole, this game is addictive enough, especially when combining one skill with another in facing one level. Besides that, pastel graphic style displayed by this game is also interesting and has special uniqueness compared to other game. For you who are interested to play this game, you have to download the Gemstore application in this web address, then download Archer Cat Friends directly from game page. You can read again the download steps in this web article.


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