Test Your Sadness Level by Playing Kuis Galau from Agate Jogja!

This time, Agate Jogja asks you to test how sad you are currently by playing Kuis Galau (Sadness Quiz) which is released for this Android platform!

Agate Jogja is known often creates unique and funny games. Yes, the example is can be seen in game serial Titok and Friends, which always brings hot issue in society which is packed with funny style and atmosphere. Are you now sad? This time, Agate Jogja asks you to test how sad you are currently by playing Kuis Galau (Sadness Quiz) which is released for this Android platform!

This Kuis Galau consists of some ridiculous questions with answer choices which make you sadder to choose of them. “Kuis Galau is actually a quiz consists of unclear questions from the Galauers”, says Estu Galih who is the Game designer of Kuis Galau quoted from official statement sent to Duniaku. “Besides the unclear questions, the answers provided also make sad to be chosen”, she continues.

Interesting thing is every answer from the player will be recorded in the server and it also determines other players’ scores when playing this game. So this game is using the system similar with a survey for “galauers”. “So it’s similar with survey, which is chosen more by Galauers that is the correct answer. And the correct answer can change according to the amount of players who answer”, states Audris Evan, programmer from this Kuis Galau.

Game with beautiful and funny visual appoints TItok, which appears in game serial Titok and friends as the mascot. “Because the friends are also similar, such unclear, so we use Titok as this game’s logo. This also to cure the yearning of Titok fans because the serial has been hiatus in long time”, explains Fajar Ardianto, 2D artist who is responsible towards all visual aspects from this Kuis Galau.

You don’t only answer the questions given in the game. One interesting feature available in this game is “Bikin Soal” (Create Question), where you can create your own question along with the answers. “Bikin Soal we give to help Galauers express their sadness. They can create their questions and answers in their versions. If the quality is sad enough we will insert to next update”, explains Frida Dwi or who is known as UB, the producer in Agate Jogja. Besides answering the question and creating the question, this game also provides ranking feature which enables you to compare scores you get with other players’ scores. This game is also connected with Facebook and Twitter which enables player to show off the score to their friends in social media.

Are you now sad? Test how sad you are by playing Galau Quiz by downloading it in this link.

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