Collaboration of Bandung and Jakarta Studio Results Digital Board Game “Kucing Sumput”!

Two studios based in Bandung and one developer from Jakarta collaborate to result an exciting digital board game for Android titled Kucing Sumput.

Two studios based in Bandung, Kummara and Manikmaya Games and one developer from Jakarta, Manticore Studio collaborate to result an exciting digital board game for Android to be played together with the whole family members titled Kucing Sumput. The three studios hold different roles in Kucing Sumput development where Kummara is responsible for its Game design, development is done fully by Manticore Studio, and Manikmaya Games becomes publisher.

With gameplay offered, Kucing Sumput can be a choice for interesting interactive Game media for all family members. Kucing Sumput can be played by two to four players in one device and hopefully can present positive playing moment for every family in Indonesia. Studio Head in Manticore Studio, Murdhi Purwohandoko mentions his enthusiasm towards this collaboration and hopes that what the game tries to present in this game can motivate other various collaborations to result qualified Indonesian game which has positive values.

Kucing Sumput tells a story about a cat mother who will bathe her kittens but the kittens already hide first in garbage cans beside the house. Every player will help the mother to find her kittens which are hiding.

The game concept of Kucing Sumput is inspired by traditional game “Ucing Sumput” or mostly known with term “Petak Umpet” (hide and seek). The game designer of Kucing Sumput is Kanty Kusmayanty from Kummara Studio wants to bring the excitement playing traditional game in modern media and generally known by family nowadays. Through this Kucing Sumput, Kanty also hopes more family can enjoy precious time by playing with their children.

That is also supported by visual concept and simple animation specially designed for family game. Illustrator/animator team from Kummara and Manticore Studio run special development process to present optimal visualization and animation. One of the biggest challenges is to visualize character from each kitten so that it becomes the uniqueness in this game.

Kucing Sumput game is designed to be played by all age range. The way to play is very simple. The players in turn will help Cat Mother to find the kittens she looks for by touching the cans in the screen. If the kitten in the can is matched with what the Cat Mother looks for, the player will get a point. Before next player’s turn comes, previous player can place a bone in guard dog’s plate. The players cannot go near guarded by the guard dog.

The way to play indirectly will train memory ability from every player. The game concept to be played by more than one player also gives room to train players’ socialization ability. With interesting playing mechanism and visualization support, this game is suitable for every family’s choice.

Business manager of Manikmaya Games, Andre Dubari has a great hope for the future that Kucing Sumput becomes one of triggers for another game titles to appear which can grow again the culture of playing together and increase family bonding in every family.

Are you interested to try Kucing Sumput? This digital board game can be downloaded in Google Play Store via this web address. Let’s help Cat Mother to find her hiding kittens!

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