Eyes on Dragon, Indonesian Game which Livens up MWC 2014 Barcelona

It is Eyes on Dragon, one of the games developed by Own Games which has the chance to be exhibited in Nokia Developer Champion booth in Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona, Spain

Own Games CEO, Eldwin Viriya posing with Eyes on Dragon which is exhibited during last MWC 2014 in Barcelona

Sage Fusion 2 is not the only game from Indonesia which livens up the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 event which has been held last February in Barcelona, Spain. As we know, this game developed by Kidalang from Bandung succeeds in winning total prize worth around IDR 3 billion from Tizen App Challenge event which reaches the peak on that annual event. Well, now there is one more game from Bandung, particularly from Own Games which livens up that event. It is Eyes on Dragon, one of the games developed by Own Games which has the chance to be exhibited in Nokia Developer Champion booth in that prestigious event.

Eyes on Dragon previously developed for Windows Phone platform, and until now has been downloaded until 125.000 times only in three months. To continue that success, exactly on last MWC 2014 event Own Games releases this game for Nokia X which has just confirmed in that MWC 2014.

Eyes on Dragon is a 3D endless runner game which is built using Unity 3D. In this game, it is told that Tako which is also the mascot from Own Gmaes finds a dragon and a magical wand. Confidently, Tako decides to take care of that dragon. However, Tako turns out sleeps directly when touching the wand, which makes the dragon escapes from the cage. Your task is to help Tako to catch that dragon which escapes from the cage.

In Eyes on Dragon, besides chasing dragon, the player can also play some mini games during the process of chasing the dragon. There are three available mini games, they are Tako Jump, Yak Rider, and Flappy Cow. In Tako Jump mini game, you will control Tako who is jumping using pogo stick by tilting the device to left and right according to given direction.  Meanwhile in the second mini game, Yak Rider, Tako will ride a Yak which keeps running horizontally. Meanwhile, Flappy Cow is a new mini game which is added along with popularity of Flappy Bird in the market. The same with Flappy Bird, in Flappy Cow you must touch the screen so that the winged cow ridden by Tako can fly well.

When being contacted by Duniaku.net, CEO Own Games Eldwin Viriya states his pride towards Eyes on Dragon and his visit on this MWC 2014. “Of course the chance for Indonesian Game showcase in other country is very exciting. Unfortunately the showcase time slot is limited. Hahaha.. Hopefully next year will be added,” states Eldwin. Besides Eyes on Dragon game showcase, Eldwin also states other experience during in Barcelona. “I have a lot of meetings and networking here and there. I meet global Nokia team and campus app team. I am excited to have meeting with them, chatting, asking this and that,” says Eldwin.

For those who are curious with gameplay from Eyes on Dragon, you can get Windows Phone version by visiting this link, or here to get its Nokia X version. Good luck for Own Games and Indonesian game Developers!

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