Marcelino Lefrandt Introduces Volt and Jawara Indonesia Universe in Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014

One of celebrities who can be easily met in Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014 is Marcelino Lefrandt who comes to promote the Indonesian made comics he writes, Volt and Jawara (Champion).


For citizens who have opportunity to visit Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014, maybe citizen realize there are some celebrities who attend the event. One of celebrities who can be easily met in Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014 is Marcelino Lefrandt because not only becomes the visitor, Marcelino Lefrandt also comes to promote the Indonesian made comics he writes, Volt and Jawara (Champion). Marcelino Lefrandt promotes them in Skylar Comics stand as the publisher of Volt and Jawara Indonesia.

Marcelino Lefrandt juga ikut berfoto bersama cosplayer di Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014

Marcelino Lefrandt also takes picture with Cosplayers in Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014

Know Your Hero: Volt

Marcelino Lefrandt explains that the concept of Volt comics is the manifestation magical power that is available in Indonesia. Only if in the past this magical power resembles shadow puppet world in this current time, the magic manifestation resembles as superhero.

Earlier, there is power inherits from Gods to earth to fight evil power which is arisen by a cunning man. That evil power has been overcome and “slept” in a black stone meanwhile the good power that defeats it is locked in white stone.

The white power will only arise if the evil power is also awaken by a pure hearted person. This power is turns out waken up by a little boy aged 13 years old named Ruben when his life is threatened by a group of villains whom he catches in the act when they are executing their evil plan.


That white power manifestation resembles Ruben’s creation, who likes to draw and create his own superhero. Later on, Volt is born, a Superhero who has superpower in controlling electricity and thunder elements. With that power, Volt tries to enforce the truth and justice in this country. Can he succeed?

The interesting thing about the Volt is the available characters refer to Indonesian shadow puppet. This can be seen by character naming which has the atmosphere such as Yamabala and Megananda. And the use of pwer, object, and the world refers to shadow puppet terms such as “Prana”, “Indrajid”, “Sakralyama”, or “Arcapada”.

Volt for the first season is planned to be issued in 10 edition and currently has been issued until sixth edition.

Know Your Heroes: Jawara Indonesia

Jawara Indonesia is an acronym from JAgoan WArga negaRA Indonesia (champion of Indonesian citizen). Comic which has format like Japanese manga is the spin off from Volt. This superhero group is actually a group of ordinary man with the soul of enforcing truth and justice because inspired by Volt’s track record.


The concept of this superhero group is told with approach of our daily environment, culture, and society. For example one of the Jawara members is security guard. Even Marcelino himself also plans to appoint a character with police background as next Jawara character. And in the future this superhero group is hoped can be the character representatives from three provinces in Indonesia so that can familiarize Indonesia to the readers from the superhero story.

Animation and Big Screen Plan for Volt

Marcelino Lefrandt also states the development plan from Volt comic, that it will be made its animation version and its big screen version that will be produced by Skylar Picture. For the big screen will be live action movie.

[youtube id=”LBP_WZBEMcI”]

One of efforts to publicize the Volt and Jawara development plan is to make a stand while holding signing session to the fans and Volt and Jawara comic subscribers also by contributing in Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014 on the first day with session titled “Volt Appearance by Skylar Comic”.

Marcelino Lefrandt dan Aswin MC Siregar mengadakan signing session di stand Skylar Comics di Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014

Marcelino Lefrandt and Aswin MC Siregar hold signing session in Skylar Comics stand in Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2014


Information about Volt and Jawara Indonesia can be obtained in this link .

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