Indonesian Game Developers This Week!

Entering this end of week, Duniaku will bring you to pay attention to the Indonesian game developers’ pace during this past week in article “Indonesian Game Developers This Week”.

Entering this end of week, Duniaku will bring you to pay attention to the Indonesian game developers’ pace during this past week in article “Game Developers This Week”. This article, besides, presents the collection of Indonesian game developers news in the past week, also presents some games created by them that you can play. What are the news of Indonesian Game Developers during this past week? Let’s see it together!


First of all, we want to say congratulation for the success of Ekuator Games’ funding in Kickstarter from the game Celestian Tales: Old North. :)

Next, there is ArtLogicGames, game studio from Surabaya which exhibits their art game, Epic War Series which is currently developed.

Infectonator Survivors

Toge Productions don’t want to get left behind by showing their new weapon feature for game Infectonator Survivors which is currently developed.

Conratulation to Monzee Digital who succeeds in Imagine Cup semifinal stage with their game Dice Roller!

Support the game created by Indonesian developers! Motte Island created by One Aperture is in selection of Steam Greenlight.

Two developers from Central Java, Enthrean Guardian and Hinocyber release game trailer as result of their collaboration Renegade Death in Youtube which you can watch above.

Altermyth which is based in Jakarta makes it to list 10 developers that are reshaping the global mobile industry with Pocket Gamer version.


Besides several news above, these are some games released in this past weeks in GDI (Game Developer Indonesia) community:

Hijaiyah Hero

Hijaiyah Hero from Omidev can be downloaded for Windows Phone users via this web address.

Derp Origami Fish from Bayam Software arrive for Android platform that you can download here.

Matheroid from Punto Damar P can be accessed directly via  this web address.

Next, there is Lightning Dodge from Sinergi which is developed for Android.

Comet Bird

Comet Bird from Gleo Games can be downloaded via Google Play Store.

Trajectory from Lotus Game Studio Lotus Games Studio can be played here.

Neon Vader from Muhammad Gyan M can be downloaded in this web address.

Lucky Hand from Ameego Pixel Studio can be downloaded in this web address.

KungFu Quest

AstroKame Jump from Sorenoir Studio can be downloaded here.

KungFu Quest from IPlayAllDay Studio can be downloaded via  this web address.

Those are the Indonesian Game Developers’ pace in this past week. Don’t forget to stay tune on article “Indonesian Game Developers This Week” Every Saturday in!

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