“Gerakan Indonesia Bermain” Brings Back Traditional Game and Enlivens Bandung City Anniversary at Once

To align the traditional game with modern games, Duniaku with Agate Studio plans to hold event with the theme “Gerakan Indonesia Bermain”


In global and digital era, traditional game seems marginalized even forgotten by this nation’s next generation. The game that actually had existed since our ancestor’s era is an exciting character education platform. Along with the technology development that gets into our country, the traditional game seems not interesting to be played. On the contrary, the traditional game is rich with basic values of living in society and basic assets to form nation’s character and personality. Therefore, it needs good cooperation among the government, society, and parents to embed and grow back the traditional games that are almost gone.

permainan tradisional

Traditional Game

However, not all of people forget the game which is rich of our country’s culture values, recently there are many local developers and publishers who have mixed the traditional game into digital game world and try to reintroduce the traditional game through technology facility which is packed modernly so it doesn’t seem obsolete to play.

To align the traditional game with modern games, Duniaku plans to hold event with the theme “Indonesia Plays Movement”. The city pointed to hold this event is Bandung, and will bring its mayor, Ridwan Kamil, as the pioneer of “Indonesia Plays Movement”. The reason to choose this city is because Bandung is a creative city that often becomes various trendsetters in from fashion, culinary, to digital games to all platforms. The other reason is because Bandung will be used as Smart, Green, and Happy City by its mayor.


The meeting between Duniaku team and Ridwan kamil on last 12 May 2014 discussed about some activities that would take place, such as the permit to use Car Free Day location and City Park, event permit, the use of Sasana Budaya Ganesha (sabuga Building in ITB, event publication through media owned by Bandung city government also Bandung’s mayor who will open the event and play in that event.

“Indonesia Plays Movement” consists of two parts, they are roadshow and peak event. Indonesia Plays Movement Roadshow will take place on Jalan Ir. Juanda during Car Free Day and will be held together with booths with various games and I will invite people to play together. The game types that will be provided in the booths are traditional games also Card & Board games which are played competitively and in team.

Peak event will be held in Sabuga ITB Bandung, this event is planned to be held close to Bandung city anniversary on next 27-28 September 2014. The peak event will provide booths in various zones (Tradisional, Digital & Mobile, Card Board, Vintage).

Duniaku will also hold Team Treasure Hunt game, a game that involves the whole family (formed as a team) to solve challenges in some games and to get clues. Those clues can be arranged to become one word series that later be guessed to win the main prize.

The previous Indonesia Plays had been carried out on 2011 by Agate and Kumara by having unique concept which brought theme to play together. The target in this Indonesia Plays was the family and could be played by anyone. The percentage of the visitors that attended the event was 55% male and 45% female visitors.

indonesia bermain

Indonesia Plays Movement is held to bring Indonesia’s game industry and reintroduce the traditional games to society. The Indonesia Plays Movement is held in event that provides various games, such as traditional, digital & mobile game, card & board game, also vintage. Since it becomes a movement, Indonesia Plays will bring positive energy to play in large community which later can be developed by anyone. Besides that, hopefully all the visitors can feel the excitement and positive impact from a game.

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