Touch Opens Moonwalk Server and Adds New Song

TOUCH-insidenews-moonwalk (1)

Like Supermoon that just happens, Touch also opens one its new server in this August. Moonwalk becomes the new name of their server but not because of that Supermoon phenomenon but by the Moonwalks, means the very phenomenal dancing technique from the mega star Michael Jackson.

This legend has introduced us to Moonwalk or Backslide which is a dance that gives illusion that the dancer is walking on the moon. Meanwhile in Korea, Moonwalk is very influential to other dance development.

T-Dancer is already able to join in Moonwalk server and meet new friends after the opening of this server, that is on last 9 August 2014. Along with the Moonwalk server opening, update is done with the Eclipse theme.


The Eclipse update gives many new things in Touch, starts from the items to new songs. It will give you experience in dancing and choosing suitable fashion with your character. For song, at least there are nine new songs including Girls’ Generation’s two songs, Library and Oh!.

You can read the complete guidance here because there is also surprise that Touch Online Indonesia team gives in the update this time.

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