“Fighter Girls Event”, an Event to Search Female Gamer to be Crazy Shooter’s Icon


Although gamers are dominated by the male gamers, this time Crazy Shooter Indonesia Team is searching for a female gamer as an icon for this game. Before entering the Closed Beta (CBT) time, the new Crazy Shooter game released by Gemscool holds cool and interesting event which is named as Fighter Girls, special for you female gamers. Fighter Girl is a good looking girl and has good ability as a gamer especially to play Crazy Shooter game.


From all the incoming candidates, later, the Crazy Shooter Indonesia Team will choose ten best participants whose profiles will be displayed in Crazy Shoot’s website. Meanwhile for one ultimate winner will be determined from voting out of ten selected candidates.

These are the requirements and guides to join the event:

  1. Female with minimum age of 14 years old.
  2. This event’s registration period starts from 8 to 31 August 2014.
  3. Register to e-mail address gmcs@gemscool.com with adding profile bio and latest photograph, in full and half body. Send it with subject “Fighter Girls Event” with this following format:
  • BIO
  • Full name:
  • Complete address:
  • Place and date of birth:
  • Facebook URL:
  • Phone number:
  • Hobby:
  • Reason of “being interested with Crazy Shooter”
  1. The bio data sent must be authentic and reliable.
  2. Crazy Shooter Team will check all incoming data to ensure the authenticity.
  3. Ten best candidates will be selected as the winners.
  4. From ten selected candidates, voting will be done to determine one person that will get the ultimate prize.
  5. Voting period is two weeks (starts after the ten winners’ announcement).

For the ten selected Fighter girls, their profiles will be displayed in Crazy Shooter’s website and get the interesting prizes as follows:

  1. The ultimate winner will get a G-Cash worth 50,000 and Logitech G 100 Combo
  2. Each ten selected winners will get 10,000 G-Cash and Crazy Shooter mouse pad.

Well, for the female gamers, prepare yourself. Be the Crazy Shooter game’s icon and get all the interesting prizes presented by Crazy Shooter Indonesia Team.

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