With Cold flame, Vandaria is Ready to Attack IGS 2014!


Indonesia Game Show 2014 which lasts from 15 to 17 August this year is welcoming the arriving of clod flame from VandariaCitizen, get ready to receive cold flame from Vandaria and Artoncode this year! Arrive with Winterflame in Indonesia Game Show 2014 booth 53-54, the Vandaria fans will be spoiled with Winterflame title that has been prepared since last year.

Maybe many people think that this will be only enjoyed in novel version like usual, but worry not, the Winterflame development is not limited only for the novel with different main character, Winterflame is also developed to become a mobile game being competed in Game Development Award 2014. This mobile game has puzzle adventure genre and tells a story about a kid who reveals the first Winterflame holder’s tragedy, a king that lives thousands years ago. This mobile game is also competed in last INACTA 2014 the will be campaigned in Kickstarter.com in this year end.

Cover novel Winterflame

Curious about the story? Here you go, we gives a little synopsis for all Citizens:

I am waiting deep under the ground

Betrayed by the gods and mortal

Knowledge is sunk with me

Over the ten thousand years civilization


There is no enemy that is too strong

There is no war that is too heavy

I will bring you to the peak 

Failure of their theft mission doesn’t only make Rhys and other two friends are threatened to die starving in winter. They are trapped into slavery in the damned valley, a place where everyone rots if they stay too long there. Day by day they are tormented by the hunchbacked creature thirsty for gold. However the one behind this slavery is frameless, bicolor eyed witches who determined to obtain the Winterflame’s legendary weapon, no matter how many lives are down.


Winterflame promises the holder a victory towards a 200 year war between human kingdom and frameless. However the Winterflame’s search has revealed all people’s mask. Now Rhys can’t let that legendary weapon to be obtained by anyone, including himself.

Get the first chance to see novel and Winterflame in Indonesia Game Show 2014. And the exciting part is on the second and third day of IGS 2014 there will be a cosplayer from one of the Winterflame characters, played by Yukitora Keiji, who also becomes a cosplayer as Indonesian representative for Tokyo Games Show 2014! Besides being able to see Winterflame and meet directly with Yukitora, you can also join many interesting activities from Vandaria here, one of them is Live Puzzle Quest & Jigsaw Puzzle game with Winterflame theme. You can also meet directly with team behind Vandaria! Don’t forget, the interesting prizes are waiting!

complete keychains ribbon
Merchandise Winterflame yang akan hadir di IGS 2014