Elago Tech Released Cosmo Ship, Combining Strategy and Action Gameplay

Still remember Elago Tech? Around last year, Elago Tech released a game for iOS platfor with defense tower genre called Battle Box. What made Battle Box interesting is because it always filled with local elements in it. The music composer of this game, David J. Franco, is one of the most prominent names worldwide. For you casual game lovers, you’ll immediately recognize that David J. Franco is the guy behind Scribblenauts and Drawn to Life.

Cosmo Ship

This time, Elago Tech once again releasing a mobile game in Android platform called Cosmo Ship. Different with Battle Box, Cosmo Ship is a game that combines action-packed shooting gameplay with strategy element. One of its main features is the easy control using one finger, which suited mobile games perfectly. You can simply move your thumb (or any finger you use to play) on the screen to move the spaceship using a virtual analog button, touch enemy’s ship to target and shoot it, or touch skill icons at the top to execute the skill.

Cosmo Ship

There are three types of mission in this game. The first one is where you have to defend your base while destroying enemy’s base. The second type is facing the boss where mission rendered complete when you can beat two bosses. Last but not least is the survival mission where you should stay alive with the minimum one surviving ship after waves of enemy attack. Other than the easy control and various mission choices, you can also get so many spaceships that can be used in the game. In total, there are 60 types of ships with different power in destroying enemy’s ship. What’s cooler is that you can upgrade your ships to be stronger so the mission can be done more easily. Elago Tech also guaranteed that there will be no In App Purchase which means you won’t encounter any items that should be bought while playing the game. Everything is completely free!

Interested in playing Cosmo Ship? You can get it for free at Google Play store by directing your browser here.

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