Heroes of Newerth Players Joined Hands to Help Haiyan Typhoon Victims

Heroes of Newerth

Recently, the Philippines were hit by Haiyan typhoon, claiming many victims and affect 13.2 millions of people where 5.5 million of them are children. Post-typhoon, what the victims needed the most are clean water, hygienic provisions, food, and a safe environment so that they can recover from the tragedy.

On November 2013, Garena through one of its games, Heroes of Newerth (HoN), calls for the players to join hands in making donations for this cause. HoN players can buy a special symbol called “Helping Hands” at HoN store that was made specifically for this cause and was sold since the new patch introduced at the end of November 2013 and ended on 4 December 2013. All proceeds from this symbol will be doubled and donated to Haiyan typhoon victims in the Philippines.

The response was incredible! In an official statement sent to Duniaku.net, HoN team proudly shares that they successfully collected US$ 19,511 from the “Helping Hands” symbol sales during the period. This magnificent effort won’t come true without the support of the HoN players and for that, the HoN team expresses their gratitude. True to their promise, HoN team will double the number, making it US$ 39,022 to be donated to Haiyan typhoon victims in the Philippines!

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