Build an Academy and Finish the Missions on Valthirian Arc II, Agate Studio’s Latest RPG!

Valthirian Arc 2

On 21 December 2013, Agate Studio released their RPG sequel, Valthirian Arc II. Unlike other RPG games, this game was taken place in an academy. The storyline of the RPG’s character is not the usual bad vs good but an academy headmaster building a team to help solve the city and the kingdom’s problems.

Less than a month release, Valthirian Arc II had been played by 900,000 people worldwide, with the overall rating 4.13. At Kongregate’s weekly and monthly tournament, Valthirian Arc II grabs the second rank. The first rank was occupied by Kingdom Rush Frontier, a game which also saw success on iOS and Android. Valthirian Arc II also received positively by, a top game review portal.

Valthirian Arc II was developed by 25-membered team and the sequel showcases significant changes from the first game which was released on 2010. At Valthirian Arc II, gamers can add classes to the school. The missions (Quests) are not merely fighting monsters. The quest can be finding a lost item or escorting a high-ranking person in travel. Other than the addition of class and quest variation, the players’ experience is enhanced by the more varied class level in this game.

A student passed his Apprenticeship will enter 1st tier level such as Knight that assigned to attack enemies, Scout who were assigned to create defense and moves the fastest, and Magi who uses magic to attack. When a student entering 2nd tier class, each student will be given two choices that significantly affect their role in battles. For example, a student who becomes Magi during 1st tier level can choose to be a Medicaor a Scholarsage. A Medica heals injured team members while a Scholarsage uses their magic to launch highly damaging attack to the enemies.

Valthirian Arc II was sponsored by, making it available for free. Other than at arcadebomb, Valthirian Arc II can also be played at, one of the biggest flash game portal in the world.

Interested in playing the game? Visit the above mentioned sites to try it!

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