Global Game Jam 2014 Indonesia Has Been Started

As per schedule, on Friday 24 January 2014 Global Game Jam 2014 (GGI 2014) is officially started together all around the world including Indonesia.

Global Game Jam 2014

As per schedule, finally on last Friday 24 January 2014 Global Game Jam 2014 (GGI 2014) is officially started together all around the world including Indonesia. In Indonesia itself, there are seven cities recorded which hold GGJ 2014 i. e: Jakarta, Bandung, Depok, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Bali. GGJ 2014 itself has almost the same event format in each city, where before jamming is started, there is Tech/ArtTalks sharing session which talks about game producing from technical and non technical side, keynote video playing from center committee, theme announcement, until group forming during jamming.

Besides main theme (which is still secret until GGJ 2014 in Hawaii started as last time zone), GGJ 2014 also has additional theme called Diversifier. Diversifier doesn’t have to be used in developing game, but it’s more for emphasizing the main theme which is used plus to beautify game. GGJ 2014 gives 14 Diversifiers which can be used as reference for jammer, as follows:

Global Game Jam 2014

  • Back to the 1885. The game could have been built and played in the 19th century.
  • Can You Come And Play? The game has a local multi-player mode.
  • Design, Create, Play. All the content in the game is procedurally created, including graphics and sound.
  • Hackontroller. The game must use a custom controller invented by the team, or use an existing controller in unconventional manner.
  • Homo Sapiens are Boring. The game is meant to be played by cats.
  • Honor Aaron Swartz. The game only uses materials found in the public domain.
  • I am who I want to be. The game has characters, but nothing in their design suggests a gender.
  • Inclusive. The game is specifically designed to be accessible to one or more groups of gamers with disabilities – vision, motor, hearing or cognitive impairments.
  • Rebels Learns it Better. In this educational game a hidden learning path is provided for those who oppose the given rules.
  • Round and Round. Rotation is one of the primary mechanics in the game.
  • The Ultimate Bechdel Test Survivor. The game survives all three conditions of the Bechdel test.
  • You Only Live Thrice. The player only has 3 lives and each level starts over when you die.
  • You Say it! The game utilises audio produced by the player either recording or instructing player to make sounds.
  • Activist . The game uses Candy or Saga or both.

GGJ 2014 will still take place until Sunday, 26 January 2014. Game which is made in two full days eventually will be submitted to center committee, and can be played by anybody freely. itself monitors the GGJ 2014 event in two sites, in Jakarta which takes place in Inixindo and in Surabaya which takes place in Mojiken Studio.


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