Year on Local Games, Indonesian Game Developers Kaleidoscope for 2013

2013 has passed. There are so many interesting events both on national and international scale that involve Indonesian game developers.

Year on Local Games

Indonesian Game Studios dalam Tokyo Game Show 2013 lalu

2013 has passed. There are so many interesting events both on national and international scale that involve Indonesian game developers. To them, those events must be really valuable to introduce their game to Indonesian gamers and prove that they are on par with foreign-made games in term of quality.Additionally, their involvement in those events also proves to the world that Indonesia’s game industry is rapidly growing in recent years and worth anticipating.

Other than those events, 2013 sees so many Indonesian game developers released their game. These games are targeting different platforms such as mobile, web, and PC. Continuing our tradition, we present you the summary of those events, activities, game releases from Indonesian game developers and other interesting news from them in 2013 through this Year on Local Games article. Happy reading!

Year on Local Games


January was started by the good news from Toge Productions’ HQ. One of their games, Infectonator 2, was named as Best Game of 2012 by Armor Games. Not only that, the game also grabs another title, Best Action Game. Other than Infectonator 2, Indonesia also represented through Evilgeddon Spooky Max (developed by Firebeast) which was nominated in Shooting Game category. Regrettably, Best Shooting Game title goes to other game, Strike Force Heroes.

Year on Local Games

Other great news comes from DreadOut which was developed by Digital Happiness. This game – often discussed by both domestic and international gamers – shown what they are capable of by entering Steam Greenlight’s Top 100. In related news, Binus University – an Indonesian university – opened Game Application and Technology major to accommodate Indonesian youths that wanted to enter game developing world. The major’s learning focuses are game art, game design, and game programming. Last but not least, there is Garuda Riders – interactive comics made in Indonesia – debuting internationally by entering iTunes Japan market.

Year on Local Games

January was also chosen by several Indonesian game developers to release their game. There are Cute Kill by TouchTen Games, Beneath the Well by Own Games siblings, also Hungry Oni by Futuretro Studios (created by Ferdi Trihadi and Andrzej Zamoyski, who formerly is the game designer at Lionhead Studios).

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