Sneak A Peek from Indonesian Special Element in the Video Game

There are a lot of game developers who are interested to Indonesian culture, and they pour it to the games they create.

As an independent nation, we must keep the nationalism and patriotism in various ways, no more with war against the colonials like in the past. To thicken our pride as a Indonesian nation and welcome Independence Day, we present a special article that describes about available Indonesian elements in these following games.

There are a lot of game developers who are interested to Indonesian culture, and they pour it to the games they create. From the culture, nature, until myths from Indonesia color the games they release, and that shows how they are amazed with this nation. If another nation can appreciate our culture, why can’t we as the Indonesian “residents” follow their path? Below are several Indonesian elements which appear in the game.

Barong and Rangda, Shin Megami Tensei Series

Barong and Randa are two myth creatures in Bali which are contradictive. Despite the eeriness, Barong is the virtue symbol and the opponent from Rangda. Rangda itself is told as the queen of all Leak in Bali, who often kidnaps and eats little children, also leads the evil witches to fight Barong.

These two myth creatures often appear in Shin Megami Tensei Persona serial become one of monsters or demons in that popular series. Although Barong is often depicted in different forms, in Shin Megami Tensei, Barong is depicted in general form, that is Lion. Meanwhile Rangda is depicted similarly with original form believed by Balinese society, that is Leak dancer who has eerie face.

Stage Bali, King of Fighters 97

King of Fighters (KoF) 97 is mostly considered as one of best KoF series ever developed. If you pay attention to it, there is one special stage with Bali theme in that game.

In that stage, Bali atmosphere is so thick from the existence of Barong, Pendet dancers, until the scream of Kecak dancers who accompany your fight.

Character and place setting, Front Mission 3

Front Mission 3 is a game that has most Indonesian element in this list. First, the existence of two characters appeared in this game, Lini Barilar and Hatta Mirza. Barialr is an entrepreneur from Sulawesi who becomes the company CEO of Barilar Corporation. Barilar is told to go around the world to introduce his creation, Wanzer, Methane Wanzer who is little by little used by Wanzer for war.

Meanwhile, Hatta is sympathizer of Hua Lian Rebels, separatism movement from Da Han Zong and he is the chairman for the sympathizer in Sumatera.

Second, Indonesia also becomes one of the war field in this game, some of them is Sumatera island and Sulawesi.

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