Kpop Expose Fest From Touch Gains Positive Response

Touch Kpop Fest 1

Kpop Expose Fest held by Touch Online Indonesia lasts very festively with the attending of the T-dancers and new Touch game players in the booth provided by Touch Online Indonesia and Prodigy Infinitech.

The event was located in Alam Sutera Mall, Tangerang on last 10 August 2014, K-Pop lovers community held this event and Kpop Expose Battle Dance Competition 2014 together at once with Prodigy Infinitech through Touch as sponsor also with Haato Ice Cream.

Touch Kpop Fest 2

Gaining high response and interest among the teenagers, especially the community of K-Pop music lovers and dancers makes the attendance of Touch team in KPop Expose 2014 as magnet and exciting gathering platform among the K-Popers.

“Prodigy Infinitech and Touch Online Indonesia team are very happy with the event like Kpop Expose and support the KPop events in the future. Touch Online Indonesia is very close with Kpop community and hopefully it becomes favorite casual dance game with various features can be played,” said Ramadhan Ariadi as the Prodigy Business Development.

Touch Kpop Fest 4


As told previously, this Kpop Expose Fest is not only meeting and T-dancer’s introduction, but also battle dance that is joined by 40 groups. From those 40 groups, 4 groups are selected to participate in “Prodigy Dance Competition” to win cash prize worth total 5 million Rupiahs.

Touch Kpop Fest

Touch Kpop Fest

Meanwhile in Touch’s booth, the T-dancers played together and did not forget to enjoy Haato Ice Cream prepared to those who wanted to play Touch’s game.

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