TEAMnxl Acquired Dota 2 Team as New Ammunition for E-sport Competition


TEAMnxl, which is known as the biggest gaming organization in Indonesia gives special attention again for latest Indonesian Dota 2. After succeeding with Counter Strike: Global Offensive division in South East Asia scale, this time TEAMnxl acquired a DOta 2 team which is used to be known as Supernova Inspire. After winning some tournaments both national and overseas, TEAMnxl decides to once more spread their wings in Dota 2. This decision is one of commitments from TEAMnxl in supporting and being contributor for e-sports development in Indonesia.

Richard Permana, as TEAMnxl Indonesia’s CEO stated,  ”We are so glad having new family in TEAMnxl, we choose this player’s line up by only seeing them competing in an online game one night, they did something fantastic! We see many potential from them and they need higher position to represent Indonesia in the future. Nowadays, the door widely opens for them. Their dream makes right decision when they decided to join with TEAMnxl.”

TEAMnxl once more gives surprise in the middle of e-sports party both in Indonesia and the world. Among the team shifting done on local competition, TEAMnxl is ensured to be solid to have achievement and fantastic mark in electronic sport industry development for Indonesia.

Other thing is also delivered by Kelly Christine as TEAMnxl Indonesia Manager, “As young generation in this era, it will be better if we can take part to create something for our country. Something from what we love, something we are proud of. And I find out that TEAMnxl has more than huge potential to make it. They have great people, great talent, and things that make me fall for them are good manner and humbleness. Anyone can be a champion but not all people can be champion with a good manner and keep being humble. I hope that we can learn and create together for better Indonesian e-sport.”

The same expression also shown by Andrew as TEAMnxl Indonesia’s Manager, “To be brief, my expectation is clear, team can have achievements both local and international, brings TEAMnxl’s name and Indonesia in order to show more to the world. Keep fighting, Welcome team!”

Some achievements that are satisfying have been marked, proven with winning the prestigious tournament, Page Premier League, MPGL Indonesia Qualifier, and becomes the finalist that will represent Indonesia in SEA Dragon Battle sponsored by MSI and ADATA.

TEAMnxl Dota 2 also joins some tournaments in short time, such as: SEA Dragon Battle Playoff, MPGL SEA Season 6 Main Event, BenQ Go4Dota2 July Monthly Final, The Prime DX Dota 2 Master Tournament, and Indonesia Game Show Dota 2 Tournament.

Hopefully with the forming of TEAMnxl for Dota 2 makes e-sport in our country becomes more advanced and can be acknowledged by other countries.

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